Zyrelle Macasaet and the Art of Influence

What does it mean to “influence”? We sat down (ala new normal) with lifestyle influencer, home buddy, and entrepreneur, Ms. Zyrelle Macasaet, to shed some insight into the art of influence.

This 33-year old circuit gym owner has also built a name for herself out of her many passions, including fitness, plants, essential oils, travel, and her precious beagle baby. A woman of many interests, Zyrelle commits to her chosen hustle with a smile on her face, her favorite accessories, and heart.

Whether it’s creating content for her 31.5k subscribers on YouTube or managing her activewear line on Instagram, she always makes sure that her happiness radiates to her audience. As a full-time content creator, Zyrelle believes that everyone deserves little pockets of sunshine on the internet, especially in these difficult times.

Her definition of an influencer? “For me, it’s someone who budols people haha! You know, when you get people to like or copy what you show them—whether it be material things, a belief, a practice, or just basically how you live your life. Influencers could be anyone. It could be our parents, our professors, people we see on tv / social media or anyone you look up to.”

On top of happy vibes and fitness goals, keeping a sustainable lifestyle is also one of Zyrelle’s many advocacies. “We only have 1 earth and I want to save her from falling apart.”

As an entrepreneur, Zyrelle recognizes a good product when she sees one, and this is how she came to learn about Modela Filipina, and eventually, became a brand ambassador. “My style is very classic. I like to invest in pieces that will last me a very long time and I want to be able to still use them until I become a lola. 🙂 Modela caught my attention because the brand screams classy empowered women and that's the image I want to portray. And the fact that these are all sourced from my beautiful country also helps my goal of always supporting & promoting local.”

A final word for her fellow beautiful Filipinas, “I already said this before and I will say it again, stop asking “how to be you po?” and just focus on how to improve yourself! Remember that you are unique, you are beautiful, and you are amazing!”

In case you need a reminder!

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