The Cordillera Beauty: Modern Igorota

Preserving culture also means reinventing certain aspects of your heritage. This is the life of Cordillera beauty, Hazel Tacay.

This modern Igorot sets an eye-awakening example of marrying the old and the new; that you don't always have to erase culture in favor of the modern lifestyle; that you don’t have to sacrifice certain luxuries and career opportunities to celebrate your heritage. Hazel embraces both facets of her whimsical life in perfect equilibrium. She takes on multiple jobs such as being a nurse, real estate salesperson, lessor, virtual assistant, and certified plantita™, all while sharing the love for her culture through her fashion. Not only that, she supports local businesses that, like her, cherish tradition in the digital age.

Wearing her go-to pieces of jewelry that stay true to her life's philosophy, Hazel takes you on an empowering journey of self-identity and self-love—the Modela Filipina print.

Hazel Tacay

Real Estate Salesperson

Real Estate Lessor

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

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