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Projecting From Within

For our latest empowerment ambassador here at Modela, we sat down with fashion icon photographer Andrea Beldua, who like us, has a passion for employing the façade to project the layers within. And to start things off, we opened up with her background in photography and what inspired her to take this path she now walks.

“I started when I was in my junior year in Ateneo! I was more into photojournalism but my love for fashion eventually led me to where I am now. Meeting, collaborating, and photographing women who are so beautiful inside and out, inspire me everyday to keep creating.

Because we love hearing success stories, especially to inspire others to strive for the same, we asked Andrea for some of her most cherished challenges and unforgettable moments.

“So far, something I am most proud of is my first cover of Janine Gutierrez for L’Officiel Ph! It’s definitely a career milestone as L’Officiel as a magazine has always been my dream to work with ever since I graduated six years ago.

Another unforgettable shoot I had recently was when I shot Catriona Gray for the newly renovated Manila Metropolitan Theatre. I can’t wait to share them because I know they will be iconic images featuring such an iconic structure of our history.”

As the interview went on, we got a vibe out of Andreas' energy that she was just full of passion and drive for what she does. We asked her how far she thinks this drive can take her, or if she sees herself in the same industry in another decade or so. Maybe her passion could spill over into other ventures?

“I always joke that there are only two things I can do in my life: take photos and make coffee.” We got a laugh with Andrea out of this, because deep down, we know we’re no different. “So yes, I believe I will be here for a very long time. All the while sipping my iced mocha (a must have in every shoot)!”

And throughout this very long time, some of us may look around and feel confident in the direction we are steering the ship we call our life. But just as easily, we can look back at the times when we felt so hopelessly lost at sea. We asked Andrea if she had any insight for all the young women out there still in the phase of finding their path, let alone their careers. “If there is one thing I’ve learned so far, it’s ask and you shall receive! Never be afraid to claim your space in whatever industry you wish or are interested in pursuing.”

For Andrea, life is just as easily short as it is long. Take the chance to find your passion, but make sure your passion builds into your long-term future and not just the fleeting moments. She advocates more realism than helpless romance, noting that our goals and passions should be able to fulfill both our hearts as well as our savings accounts.

In closing, we toned things down to just connect with Andrea over little things, and of course, jewelry. She recounts that she first fell in love with the brand when she had bought a beautiful pearl necklace for her best friend, complete with her initials. We’re always moved by how sentiments can be carried across lifetimes, and how we can play a part in that as well. “These pearls I’m wearing are actually my first ever string of real pearls! I love that they took the classic pearl necklace and made it more youthful. It’s my favourite way of elevating an outfit.”

Jewelry doesn’t always have to be about strong statements and presence. It can be just as light and confident as we want it to be. Because we don’t just wear pieces of jewelry to look a certain way, we find pieces that look like how we feel on the inside and express that to everyone around us.

“I feel so chic in just a tank top, jeans and my layered pearl chokers. Now I just can’t leave the house without my jewellery, I feel so naked haha!” I-click para I-tag ang Mga Produkto

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