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On Career, Family, Mental Health, and Empowerment: An International Women’s Month Special

This International Women’s Month, we celebrate girl bosses, independent ladies, women at the forefront of this pandemic, wives, mothers, and sisters who run the world. We’ve had the great opportunity to talk to psychologist, entrepreneur, and mom of three, Jamie Evangelista Geisler, about some all-too-common realities in a woman’s world. Like many of us when news of the pandemic hit, Jamie felt anxious and scared. What becomes of her daily grind in the middle of a lockdown? How will the family adapt to sudden lifestyle changes? Instead of adding to these questions, she kept herself busy taking food orders, online selling, and spending more quality time with her kids—then, a luxury to her. Her youngest, Tali, she describes as very pleasant and calm. She’s at her happiest when they’re bonding at the beach. After all, she’s a water baby. Her biggest achievement as a wife and a mother? "I was a single mom before I married Baron, so honestly I'm still learning to be a more submissive wife (so challenging!). As a mom, I am proud of myself for raising kind-hearted human beings, which to me, is more important than their scholastic achievements. We may be an unconventional family but we love and respect each other.” On personal goals and achievements, this is what Jamie has to say: “Every waking day is a gift, it is a chance to be better and to be of service to others. Baron and I still have a lot of plans concerning our advocacies on mental health. Our purpose is to raise awareness, stop the stigma, and give hope to those who are suffering in silence.” Jamie has shown a great love for her chosen career, and perhaps with more weight, considers herself a mental health advocate. She calls on women to always prioritize self-care, and try to keep a sound mind now even more than ever. “We all have our personal struggles and it is not a weakness to acknowledge that you are not okay. Do not be ashamed to reach out or ask for help, you are not alone in this. Love yourself.” Loving oneself can come in many forms, each one unique to every individual. Wearing a piece of jewelry and letting it empower you through your everyday hustle, taking charge, and making confident decisions—this is the mark of a Modela Filipina. “It is truly empowering to wear a local brand like Modela Filipina. There is beauty and diversity in our culture and it is showcased in the lovely pieces you will find at Modela Filipina. I'm ecstatic that they have creations for little girls too.” Sharing Modela Filipina’s core principles, Jamie believes that women should empower each other instead of competing, especially now that more people are venturing into their own trades, replacing day jobs with dream businesses. “We need to reverse that stereotype thinking that women have to compete. I believe we have our own strengths so supporting each other and collaborating would have a more positive impact on all.” Many women see juggling home and work responsibilities to be a constant struggle, even before this pandemic, which is why it’s so important for women to have each other’s backs and be a strong support system. Jamie’s piece of advice? "Kudos to all working mommas! It's never an easy task to balance work and the household. Don't be too hard on yourself and take time for some self-care! You damn deserve it!” In closing, here is one empowering message from one family-oriented and career-driven Pinay to all Pinays: “There is no limit to what we Pinays can achieve. Anywhere in the world, there is always a Pinay we can be proud of in any field or profession. We always stand out because of our passion for work and love for our families.”

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