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How Far Can A Good Role Model Take You?

How Far Can A Good Role Model Take You?
How Far Can A Good Role Model Take You?

Whether we realize it or not, we are all influenced by the people around us—from parents and teachers to friends and colleagues, our interactions with others shape our lives in many different ways. And from these influences, we find our biggest role models in life.

In today’s Modela feature, we’re introducing Atty. Lia Badillo, a light in the world of public service. She shares with us her story about the importance of a good role model in people’s lives. Modela women sure have empowering stories to tell!

Even as a young child, Atty. Lia had always dreamed of becoming a lawyer. For many female lawyers, the inspiration to pursue law as a career comes from their personal experiences or the experiences of their loved ones. In Atty. Lia’s case, her father was her biggest influence.

Now, Abogoddess Lia is now the spokesperson for the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), where she serves the public with the same passion and commitment she always had. Further empowered by the finest Modela jewelry, she is a true role model for young women who also want to grow and help others through public service.

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Society has truly come a long way from its medieval roots and practices, but still, some semblance of injustice and discrimination manifest everywhere we look. In spite of this, Atty. Lia is an empowered woman who continues to break barriers and pave her own way for others to follow.

“Be a woman of standard and know your worth,” her father, her number one role model advised when she decided to quit the corporate world and move on to a more fulfilling role in government. An advice she holds very dear to this day and hopes to empower other women navigating their own paths.

She believes that success is a long way to go but her work and integrity show she is on her way.

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