Erin Ocampo: On What It Means to Inspire

Here at Modela Filipina, we are always on the lookout for ambassadors to help us instill the spirit of empowerment through our handcrafted products. Today, we got to sit down with actress icon Erin Ocampo to find out what values we can share to uplift people who just want to get better at life.

We immediately fell in love with her energy as a person and asked her where she draws the inspiration to project that from herself.

“My inspiration in life comes from a vision of myself and my goals. I find inspiration in a variety of people and things. I would have to say that the person who has greatly inspired me is my mother. She always had a smile on her face no matter how hard she worked and she loved everyone. I try to live as she did, becoming a better version of myself everyday.”

This resonates strongly with us here at Modela. Not only is it a story we have connected with from time and again, but also because it’s what we stand for. It will never grow cliché for us to look up to great women, mothers and all, and pass their strengths down to the next hopeful generations.

Naturally, we thought to ask her about her career, and how she manages to internalize the roles she is given.

“I always apply the character to myself, so I don't need to portray it. It will come naturally as myself in a character.

But whether you’re in acting, or any other field, maintaining yourself in a career is very demanding indeed. With this on the table, Erin shared with us what she’s learned over the years in handling stress and staying motivated all through the climb to get better.

“You are your own worst enemy. Always think of happy thoughts, or think of the people that love you: family and friends, or loved ones. Start believing in yourself, everyone else will follow too.”

We talked more on inspiring others, and shared our social responsibility as Modela Filipina. We shared with her our goals in providing all women the liberty of empowerment. We asked her to consider all the women who see her and aspire to be as free-spirited and independent as herself.

“Never listen to discouraging words or phrases that can come from people around you . Always stay focused, knowing what you really want in life. And that every aspect of it can be conquered. Surround yourself with positivity and healthy relationships. But most importantly take care of yourself and your mental health.

And lastly, because we are a jewelry brand after alI, we gave Erin a few pieces of our latest collection for her to try on. We wanted to make her feel welcomed and just maybe get her thoughts on our hard work here at Modela.

”Jewelry is a great conversation starter.”

She holds up a piece as an example.

“This valuable and beautiful piece can grab the attention of others and get a conversation going. It has the power to brighten your mood as soon as you put it on, and brings about self-assurance. It makes me more confident and matches me in every look.”

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