Elaine Gibbs: Cosmetics, Art, and Fashion

Being a lady boss doesn’t mean fully committing yourself to your job and nothing else. In fact, that is one big misconception. If you’re planning to put up your own business or lead a team of professionals on the regular, you must have a different outlet (or outlets) as mini reminders to “live a little,” “breathe.”

Such is the case of Elaine, who has a penchant for adventure and dabbles in multiple hobbies, such as make-up, art, fashion, and travel. By day, she is an independent and hardworking lady boss who knows how to take control and command a room. The rest of the time, she is a nurturing single mother.

Elaine is a woman of many roles, much like the women in our lives. A proud advocate for women empowerment, she leads by example—supporting and inspiring women, and helping them reach their goals. On top of her many passions is a thirst for personal growth, health, and wellness.

Elaine’s lifestyle speaks volumes about the role of a woman—beautiful, multifaceted, just like a string of gold and genuine freshwater pearls. Carrying with her values that Modela Filipina takes to heart and stays true to, Elaine has this to say about the brand:

“Modela Filipina is more than a brand, but a statement that roots back to tradition. They articulate Filipino pride through the art of passion, sustainability, and cause. Modela is a mastered craft that enriches the elegance of the wearer and boosts their confidence. They empower our culture and heritage while sharing it with others and that alone makes it worth supporting.”

A certified lady boss with a heart—this is the perfect one-liner to describe our latest Modela Filipina feature and brand ambassador, Ms. Elaine Gibbs. May her story serve as a reminder that you can, indeed, achieve your dreams while fulfilling your passions and advocacies. It just takes heart.

Elaine Gibbs

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