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A Tribute to Medical Frontliners

What makes up passion? Is it worth giving certain luxuries up for? What do you do when your career once fueled by passion suddenly feels like a chore?

These are all too familiar questions an average career woman in her twenties has asked herself at least once—most of the time, at work.

Today’s feature introduces a young doctor who remains passionate and headstrong with the work at hand, overcoming these thoughts like a champ.

“Why do you want to be a doctor?” When I was younger, this was one of the easiest questions I’ve had much pleasure answering. “Because I want to help the poor,” I would then respond with confidence.

But needless to say, the road to being a doctor and the destination itself were tough. We’re talking 10 years of preparation, hard work, and sleepless nights. I realized that this profession is more than just helping the poor. Don’t get me wrong—being a medical doctor is great, difficult but stimulating, but it was never a smooth journey.

This career is not for people who can’t see themselves working more than 50 hours a week, including holidays. This is not for people who want to travel, see the world, and enjoy the luxury of free time. This line of work is definitely not for people who can’t take accountability and responsibility, especially in situations beyond their control. You can’t aim to be rich or wish to make a name for yourself while thinking about the patients whose lives are in your hands.

The challenges may be plenty and grow more challenging with each passing day, but getting to say “I saved a life today” or “I brought a new life to this world”—there really is nothing more rewarding.

I’ve found my passion in the career that I chose. I may have given up certain luxuries but the rewards of this profession make it worth it. I wake up each morning, put my blazer and favorite Modela accessories on and step out to start the day. On a regular shift, a kind smile from one of my patients make everything worth it.

Louise Viola L. Amano MD

Legaspi City, Albay

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