A Soul Full of Kindness

She is Paola. After many years of finding herself, she has found her world -- to be a full-time teacher.

Her pupils are her kids. They gave her so much joy. They have taught her to never give up when the going gets tough.

She's pretty. Just look at her smile, it makes all little angels happy.

She's amazing. She's simple. She gets up every day, do her morning routine and get her favorite piece of jewelry then go to work.

It wasn't easy at first. She was hopeful, life was tough. Until one day, the most unexpected thing happened. A little angel's hand touched her. "Paola, I love you." she uttered.

That moment she realized, the tears that came with these sweet words made her the wealthiest woman in the world.

Paola Galvan Cantua

Kindergarten Teacher

Universidad Autónoma de Baja California ( UABC)

Stuttgart, Germany

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