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A Digital Nomad

For a woman who's been in both corporate and creative worlds, life and career choices weren't always a walk in the park. It's tiring, but everyday, her dreams, a great passion brewing endlessly, wakes her up and keeps her going. She took a leap of faith; leaving a stable 9-5 to pursue the uncertain. No promises of success. No sure answers. Somewhere in between, she took a break, explored different cities, immersed in different cultures, and from that experience, found her answers. Or at least something she's most certain about— her love for travel and coffee. These two great loves give her so much peace and energy to face her daily hustle. She then decides to build service-based businesses with a remote team from all over the Philippines and is also working to pursue her very own coffee business; her digital nomad dream starting to materialize. It's overwhelming, but it's also a great opportunity to grow, learn, and ultimately live a zestful life. She would start everyday with a grateful heart, a glass of iced coffee, a comfy outfit, and her favorite piece of jewelry. “May you keep your dreams and passion alive and may your hearts remain hopeful.”


Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Recording Artist/Songwriter

Licensed Financial Advisor

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