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Modela Men

We wouldn’t be about women empowerment if we weren’t also about empowering the men who empower our women. And our debut of Modela Men celebrates those who step up to break the stereotypes for their freedom of expression. 


It’s no secret that our recent history has not been kind towards men who choose to flaunt jewelry with confidence. We’ve all heard the labels, and we’re not here to perpetuate them. In fact, they’ve tired us, and we’d rather be part of a solution. There’s no good reason why men can’t be accepted for wearing the jewelry they so please, and there’s no good reason that the bright and the bold belong only to women to wear. 


So join us as we take the best of our jewelry, and the best of men to carry them. We’re stepping up to the plate to normalize the culture that was never wrong to begin with. We share their stories, their perspectives, and their love of accessories, to all those who aren’t bold enough to do so themselves. We’re not afraid. From Modela Filipina: we bring you Modela Men. 

Modela Men.jpg

How men wear their pearls

Ever since we started Modela, our goal was to tell stories through  jewelry. It started with the stories of our craftspeople, what their hands and their heritage had to tell us. Then it was about the women, who would tell of their success through the facets of the pieces they wore. But all this time, the men remained hidden and seldom spoken of. Because we’ve been taught to have different expectations of them and what they wear on the outside, regardless of who they are on the inside.


We would be selfish to hide their stories any further. Now, through our own Modela Men, we hope to do our part in undoing decades of cultural stifling. We not  only want to create safe spaces to tell their stories, but we want to be a safe space for each and every man to be able to express themselves. Because each story we tell today, is a step closer to normalizing a culture that was supposed to be normal a long time ago. The good men deserve nothing less.

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