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We celebrate girl bosses, independent ladies, women, wives, mothers, and sisters who run the world. Wearing a piece of jewelry and letting it empower you through your everyday hustle, taking charge, and making confident decisions - this is the mark of a 

  Modela Filipina


Wearing the creations of Modela Filipina make me experience luxury and timelessness. When I received my package, it's as if I was being transported to a different era. All of their jewelry are as distinguishable as femininity, making them fit everyone's requirements. Modela Filipina makes you feel like a woman a ready to take on the world! 

Atty, Lia Badillo - Crisostomo, Spokesperson Of Philippine Economic Zone Authority

Everyone knows how special the wedding day is for the spouses-to-be, and after all, it’s our cultural tradition. But because of this we often overlook just how important it is, and why it is so special.


It’s not just about two people starting a new life together. It’s a new family, a new way of living, and it’s not just a new adventure— it’s the new adventure. Your wedding day is where you take every single aspect of your life that has brought you here, and make it shine. Because this is the moment you get to look back and say “this is where it all began.”


It’s not just a celebration. It is an affirmation to everyone in your life that this is who you are, and this is who you are becoming. And we here at Modela Filipina believe that moment is for you to take.


We want to take you through that moment in bringing out your true self by reflecting that beauty all around. And tell the story of who you are with the pieces you carry. It’s your special day, it’s your special moment, and you decide how you want to shine.

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