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Who we are

We are a social enterprise built by women for women, with the goal of providing you with authentic Pinay handcrafted jewelry, all the while supporting the lives of our Filipino artisans in return.

We showcase quality cultural pieces that embody the Filipina standard, and our mission is women's empowerment. Jewelry is a long-standing tradition of reflecting our inner selves, conveying confidence, esteem, and individuality. We ensure sustainability in every aspect, ethically and sustainably sourcing materials, supporting artisans, and giving back through our charity Modela Filipina Cares. When wearing a Modela Filipina piece, you wear the stories of hardworking Filipinas and the history of our country's handcrafted arts, empowering women and honoring our heritage.

Our culture has a tradition of adorning ourselves with objects that reflect how we feel within. We have inherited this art from our ancestors, who used jewelry to convey themselves to those around them. It is our responsibility to care for this art, enrich the spirit of our women, and pass it on to the generations to follow. We want women to feel good about what they're wearing, not just in how they look, but also in how we impact people's lives with our products. We ensure sustainability in every step of the way, from raw materials to the fine craft itself.

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